Product Details

JetNet 3808G-M12 Industrial Un-Managed Booster PoE Switch

  • Model:JetNet 3808G-M12
  • Specification:Industrial Unmanaged Booster PoE Switch
    JetNet 3808G-M12 Industrial Unmanaged Booster PoE Switch

Product Introduction

JetNet 3808G-M12 Industrial Un-Managed Booster PoE Switch
  • 1 Gigabit/PSE M12 X-code, 7 100M/PSE M12 D-code, M12-A Power
  • Power feeding 15.4W/30W, compliance with IEEE 802.3af/at
  • Power System design with 120W PoE budget and compliance with safety requirement
  • Rugged M12 Ethernet, power connectors for vibration and shock application
  • IEEE 802.1p Class of Service (CoS) for packet forwarding precedence
  • 10K bytes Jumbo Frame for large file transmission
  • Broadcast storm packet filtering
  • Embedded DC 54V Booster
  • Railway Standards: EN50155, EN50121-3-2, EN50121-4
  • Traffic Standard: E-mark E13
  • -40~75℃operating temperature

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