Smart Building in Europe

Korenix High Power PoE Switches Provide Stable Power Feeding and Reliable Data Transmission over 6000 Sets of LED Luminaires of the Smart Building in Europe


It is always a lavish affair of building a new office for company headquarters. A good looking sustainably-designed building is not the only request that the business care about, its lighting system does more than just brighten up a room. Companies are looking for to improve occupant comfort, efficient operation of building systems, and reduction in energy consumption and operating costs.
System requirement
The new smart building is located in the Amsterdam, Netherlands and provides 40,000 sqm (430,000 sq ft) of office space with over 6000 sets of LED luminaires. To manage this large-scale system, it is important to choose devices which can operate reliably. Besides, workers benefit from the user-friendly platform to control lights through smart phones, computers and other personal devices to see the environment status of the building. Thus, the company demands a networking system that incorporates communication management between various system inputs and outputs related to system control and PoE switches to feed power on LED luminaires and sensors as well as transmit data to IT Control center.

Korenix solution
900 pieces of Korenix JetNet 5728G-16P were chosen to install to connect the IT control center and feed power to the LED luminaires and sensors. The JetNet 5728G-16P is a rack-mount, high-port density and gigabit managed Industrial 16-port PoE switch, designed exclusively for highly critical and large-scale PoE applications.
Its high power PoE output per port and strong power capability provides quick and reliable delivery of large multimedia, image, and video files in a non-stop large-scale network infrastructure. The switch generates up to 480W total power budget which is 240W in AC power input mode by IEEE 802.3at with maximum 30W per port for upgrading the existing data transmitting network to IT control center.
JetNet 5728G-16P incorporates LLDP function and perfectly works with the Korenix patented Korenix NMS for allowing administrators to automatically discover devices and efficiently manage the industrial network performance in large scale networks. To further ensure the non-stop power delivery, JetNet 5728G-16P supports dual 48VDC power inputs and provides alarm relay output signaling function. Moreover, Korenix JetNet 5728G-16P is an IP31 rugged metal case enclosed with great heat dispersion which is perfect solution to implement in high temperature operation.

Why the Korenix Industrial High Power PoE Switch - JetNet 5728G-16P is chosen, because:
  • High power capability (max 480W)
  • Fan-less design, Wide operating temperature
  • Highly reliable, very good performance in providing 340W at 65Oc with DC power or 240W at 50Oc with AC power