Dual Display Kiosk

Dual Display Kiosk Automation System


As highly distributed multimedia info system’s market expands, more and more kiosks with multifunctional capabilities are beginning to pop up in airports, hotels and other public areas, helping improve customer experience.
The JetBox 8180 compact computer with low power consumption was installed inside dual display kiosk. By using the Gigabit connection the industrial PC collected all the high-bandwidth information, such as megapixel video streams from the control center.
Besides, for wireless data transmission, the two antennas were further used, which guaranteed the mobile expansion with a SIM slot or miniPCIe module. All the collected information was pre-stored in the hard drive of the JetBox 8180. The integrated DVI port with dual display allowed users to simultaneously connect to 2 monitors: one for commercial video display and the other for interactive purposes.
The Windows XP embedded in a CF card further allowed users to ensure system development, and provided them with a ready-to-use functionality. By simply connecting a keyboard / mouse or a touch panel through the USB ports, kiosk users were able to control the devices.
Another distinctive feature of the JetBox 8180 computers was that the CF card and the HD worked independently. So if any errors occurred in the HD, or in case its memory was full, network administrators were able to change the hard drive without affecting the operation of the computer. This brought even more flexibility and stability to the kiosk installers.

With its compact design and multiple interfaces the JetBox 8180 became the perfect solution to easily integrate into the small sized kiosks for multi-communication purpose.

Main Products
JetBox 8180 Industrial Communication Computer w/ DVI & GbE

Why JetBox 8180
Gigabit Ethernet port for high-bandwidth video image transmission
DVI with optional Dual display to run commercial video and information on monitors
Optional miniPCIe module and SIM card for mobile extension
CF for embedded optional Windows OS
SATA HD for Data storing

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