Highway Traffic Monitoring

Highway Traffic Monitoring
Highway Traffic ControlOverview
Due to the increasing complexity of traffic flow in the highways with the desire for advanced mobility, safety, security or other environmental issues, the role of reliable and congestion-free road traffic management is becoming more and more crucial. To ensure the non-stop transmission of a large number of video and audio flows from widely-located road sites to the monitoring room, high-speed gigabit Ethernet and fiber connections are required to be used in harsh industrial environments.
The new JetNet 5020G gigabit managed switch has solved all these issues to provide a highly reliable data transmission in severe environments, while reducing the impact to heavy traffic by shortening the construction and future maintenance time.
With the 16 Fast Ethernet ports the switches installed in the highway pole sites, collected the data from the surveillance cameras and various readers. Using the gigabit combo ports, the switches formed flexible copper/fiber rings, where the uninterruptable data transmission was guaranteed by the MSR technology with less than 5ms recovery time. Moreover, providing the 12.8G backplane non-blocking switching performance, the JetNet 5020G ensured the traffic forwarding without data loss and blocking.
The switches resisted the harsh environmental conditions, including vibration and shock in the road sites, using the IP31 grade enclosure, great heat dissipation design and the -25~70°C wide operating temperature range.

To collect the numerous data from different network groups formed by the JetNet 5020G series, the JetNet 5428G gigabit managed ring switch was then used in the monitoring center. With its 12 Fast Ethernet and the 2 gigabit combo rings capability, the JetNet 5428G rackmount managed switch provided high-bandwidth and secure data transmission while expending network performance.
Besides, the system integrators greatly benefitted from the LLDP and Korenix patented Korenix NMS function of the JetNet 5020G and JetNet 5428G switches to remotely manage and configure the networks and automatically draw the network topology in just milliseconds, as a result reducing the maintenance time. The automatic IP configuration of the network was further achieved by the DHCP option 82 supported by both of the switches.
A great number of other advanced management features combined with dual power inputs of Korenix high-bandwidth Din-Rail and Rackmount gigabit managed switches provided excellent reliability and flexible management of traffic flow and became the best solution for time-saving highway network infrastructure.

Main Products
JetNet 5020G Industrial 16+4G Gigabit Managed Switch
JetNet 5428G Industrial 24+4G Gigabit Managed Ring Switch

Why JetNet 5020G
10 MultiRings with 16+4G high port density maximize network scale and ensure reliable data transmission
2 SFP combo ports provide flexible connection for long distance transmission
12.8G backplane ensures the traffic switching without data loss and blocking
IP31 rugged aluminum case with great heat dispersion for deployment in severe industrial environments
Why JetNet 5428G
14 MultiRings with 24+4G high port density maximize network scale and ensure reliable data transmission
4 gigabit combo ports trunk up to 8G uplink bandwidth
LLDP & Korenix NMS for Auto Topology and Large Group Management Networks

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