Remote Monitoring

Korenix provides the comprehensive remote monitoring solutions   Remote   is applied to many different markets, such as POS, banking, telecom, transportation,, energy, power, military, and medical fields. 

Field site devices such as PLCs, sensors, meters, RFID readers…etc. can be connected to JetBox computer series product through serial ports, USB ports, and DI/DO.
JetBox  performs as an intelligent agent to monitor the status of field devices and transmit messages to back-end technicians through its dual Ethernet ports or USB wireless dongle while abnormities occur. Further, JetBox with Modbus gateway function let industrial automation developers consolidate field devices into SCADA system easily.

Market concerns:
  • The heavy-duty environment demands equipment to endure wide temperature, high humidity, dust and even the explosive field.
  • Certification approvals for various transportation systems and hazardous industrial environment.
Korenix Technology is dedicated to developing industrial communication solutions to overcome Remote Monitoring market concerns and to fulfill customer expectations.

To know more about it, please refer to the solutions provided in "Remote Monitoring" section.

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