Warranty & RMA

All Korenix products are compliant with specific industrial standards from design, validation to manufacturing. Product series warranty are guaranteed to Korenix valued customers as the table below.

Korenix Category Product Family Warranty (Year)

Industrial Managed Ethernet Switch 


Industrial Un-Managed Ethernet Switch

Industrial Managed Ethernet PoE/PoE+ Switch
Industrial Un-Managed Ethernet PoE/PoE+ Switch
JetCon Industrial Media Converter 

Industrial Wireless Access Point 
Industrial Cellular Router/Gateway 
JetPort Serial Device Server  
JetBox VPN Router/ RISC Computer 
*Note: Warranty exception please refer to the product datasheet or the <Exception list>.

  • Power Supply: 3 years
  • SFP: 1 year
  • Antenna: 1 year
*Note: Warranty starts from Korenix invoice date

If your Korenix product needs service or repair, please contact our Korenix's Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) center. rma@korenix.com

RMA Process Flow
Step 1: Notify Korenix and obtain RMA number(s)
Step 2: Return product to RMA center with a RMA Request Form and mark the RMA number on the package
Step 3: Trouble shoot and customer communication
Step 4: Receive or disposition repaired product along with a RMA report

Note: Before sending your product, a RMA number will be needed for your RMA Request Form by e-mail. 
Our staff will be very delighted to serving you.

Korenix RMA Service 
RMA Request Form

Email: korenix.rma@beijerelectronics.com 
Phone: +886 2 2218 3600