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Innovative Ecosystem Partner Program- APAC

It’s about a group of people working together for innovation


As the pace of technology becomes ever faster, few companies can offer everything alone. Through Innovative Ecosystem Partnerships we team up with a group of experts to tailor the best solution for every customer.

Areas that benefit from partnerships include software licenses, education, training, development, technology sourcing and in the end – your business.

Being an Eco-partner gives you many advantages, from joint activity to customers, application and project planning expertise, impeccable technical support, marketing exposure through public channels and much more!


Ecosystem Partner Types

System Integrators

Digital Solution Developers

Strategic Alliances

You are a field control system solution provider who has industrial domain knowledge in certain industrial segment or across different industrial segment. Now you are looking for innovative ways to bring industrial IoT into reality for your customers.

You are an IT solution provider who has strong software engineering ability with your own or 3rd party platform. Now you see digital transformation opportunity in industrial segments and you can contribute your software expertise.

You are a product or system maker who collaborates with Beijer Electronics closely to provide valuable synergized solutions for customers and in areas of strategic importance.

This is what Eco-partners will get



Starter kit

Get starter kit with favorable price

iX Developer license

1 yearly license

BCS Tools license

1 yearly license

NMS networking management tool

1 yearly license, 32 Nodes

NRE of branding X2 panels according to branding guidelines

20% discount

Marketing material hard copies

Brochure, Newsletter…etc

Advanced support on software

1. C# libraries center access account :
  a. Download free libraries
  b. Special price for charged libraries with 15% discount off
2. C# script develop support request :
  a. High priority for development queue
  b. For charged project case, develop ment fee 15% discount off




Training for Starter kit

Help you get familiar with our software and hardware offering

Expert meetings for your project and solution planning, and advice of networking deploym

Discuss specific needs of your on-hand project opportunity

Seminars or webinars with industry and application oriented theme

Discuss product combination and solution that meets the immediate needs of certain application

Prioritized business matching within Eco-Partners network

Meet someone as skilled and committed as you are to accomplish innovative applications together

Prioritized shipments of stocked goods

Delivery immediately after payment

Partner certificate

Written certificate for you to approach business as an endorsed and recommended partner

Press release of partnership

Describe the partnership on our public communication channel and emphasize the value of such partnership

This is what we expect an Eco-partner will have/do

A team with the expertise to unify systems and networks with technology of Beijer Electronics.

Share application and industry insights and bring out the role of Beijer Electronics on the public communication channel.

Co-organize online webinars by inviting customers and setting theme together with Beijer Electronics.

Share potential business and project opportunities to Beijer Electronics- customer name does not have to be disclosed if deemed sensitive.

Qualified technical workforce to advice the customer for advanced software development (e.g. .NET, C#, Codesys)

Talking about Beijer Electronics

We encourage you to describe Beijer Electronics with the following paragraph to your audiences:

Beijer Electronics is a leader in industrial IoT and automation who brings people and technology connected across all industries. The company empowers you to meet your challenges through best-in-class and user-friendly technology. Their experienced and passionate people help you accomplish your goals and ambitions, and gain a competitive edge in today’s digitalized world.

Always use “Beijer Electronics”. Do not use variations or abbreviations like “Beijer” or “BE”.       

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