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JetNet 5612G-4F
  • Industrial 12 ports Gigabit Managed Switch

    Korenix JetNet 5612G-4F Industrial 12 ports Gigabit Managed Switch

    Korenix JetNet 5612G-4F Industrial 12 ports Gigabit Managed Switch

    【Available Model】
    • JetNet 5612G-4F
Overview Specification Documents Software Application
JetNet 5612G-4F Industrial 12 ports Gigabit Managed Switch
  • 8 Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45 ports ,4 Gigabit SFP ports
  • Network Redundancy – MSR (Multiple Super Ring),ITU-T G.8032 ERPS V1/V2, RSTP, MSTP, Super Chain
  • Fully Device Management – SNMP v1/v2c/v3, RMON, Web UI, Telnet and Local Console
  • Friendly Device and Network Topology recovery utility – Korenix View, Korenix NMS
  • Advanced Cyber Network Security –MAC security, IEEE 802.1x Port Based access control , IEEE 802.1x Radius Server authentication, 802.1x MAB,  IP Source Guard, Denial of ARP Inspection, TACACS+
  • Layer 2 Network Performance – IEEE802.1Q VLAN, Private VLAN, Trunk, Packet Filtering, DHCP Server/Client, Traffic Prioritize, Rate Control
  • Railway Track Side EN50121-4 compliance
  • High Operating Temperature - -40~75°C
  • Redundant wide range power input- DC 10~36V

File name Description Release date Size File
Data Sheet DS_JetNet5612G-4F_V1.4 2020/10/27 351.54KB
User Manual UM_JetNet5612G-4F_V1.2 2020/05/15 4.99MB
Quick Installation Guide QIG_JetNet5612G-4F_V1.0 2019/09/24 658.64KB
Release Note RN_JetNet5612G-4F_V1.0 2019/10/03 37.88KB
CE CE_JetNet5612G-4F 2019/09/24 760.53KB
FCC FCC_JetNet5612G-4F 2019/09/24 765.77KB
EN50121-4 EN50121-4_JetNet5612G-4F 2019/09/24 742.01KB
Declaration of Conformity DoC_ JetNet5612G-4F 2020/01/09 235.11KB
2D Drawing_pdf 2D_JetNet5612G-4F_pdf 2022/04/21 117.67KB
2D Drawing_dwg 2D_JetNet5612G-4F_dwg 2022/04/21 644.43KB
3D Drawing_pdf 3D_JetNet5612G-4F_pdf 2022/04/21 7.7MB
3D Drawing_step 3D_JetNet5612G-4F_step 2022/04/21 2.9MB
File name Description Release date Size File
Firmware FW_JetNet5612G-4F_V1.0 2019/09/24 9.74MB
MIB MIB_JetNet5612G-4F_V1.0 2019/09/24 38.08KB
Boot Loader BL_JetNet5612G-4F_V1.0.0.1.bin 2019/09/24 179.46KB

Product Introduction

The JetNet 5612G-4F is an pure Gigabit industrial Ethernet Switch with 8 ports RJ-45, 4 ports Gigabit SFP socket for optical fiber network connection. It adopts high efficiency Ethernet MAC controller with 24Gbps Switch fabric bandwidth, 9K jumbo frame forwarding. The robust system design makes the JetNet 5612G-4F survive under harsh outdoor environment with extreme electric magnetic interference and the variation of environment temperature. 
JetNet 5612G-4F also provides your network infrastructure with great performance and safety with network access control, and handle burst packet with smart buffer management for IP surveillance in real infrastructure.