2021-05-10 Join us at our Reliable Networking Solution for Connected Plant Webinar!

Are you having a hard time getting data from machines scattered around your manufacturing facilities? Troubled by not being able to foresee and prevent machine failures ? Or not having robust industrial communication networks to improve production efficiency ?
The realization of IIoT to manufacturers has become necessary to manufacturers to drive productivity, and researches have shown, manufacturers have a deep interest in the performance of their machines more than companies in other industries.
Beijer Electronics together with Korenix technology has tackled challenges for thousands of factories with our 40-years expertise in networking and protocol communication.
If you ever came across any of the difficulties mentioned above,JOIN NOW to see how our successful case, wide range of wired and wireless networking solution, and our UNITED program can help you make your production line intelligent, connected, and competitive.

Date and Time: 26th May 16:00-16:50 (GMT+8)
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