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2020-11-25 Korenix Launches New Industrial M12 Layer 3 switch series for Reliable Railway Solution

Korenix Technology (Beijer Electronics Group), a company that provides Industrial Wired and Wireless Networking communication solutions, is glad to introduce its new industrial M12 PoE switch- JetNet 7520P-HVDC/ 7516P- HVDC. The Ethernet switch is industrial M12 switch with 16/12 ports Fast Ethernet M12 D-Code, 4 ports Gigabit Ethernet M12 X-Code. Moreover, the Fast Ethernet ports are embedded with PSE. The system supports wide range power input to compliance most of modern train. Also, the push-pull and original M12 connector help save time on modern train maintenance. With the design of HW bypass function in the JetNet7520P/ 7516P ethernet switch, network deployment for rail application can be more reliable and efficient
Enhanced management system and power budget
The Korenix JetNet 7520P- HVDC/ JetNet7516P- HVDC are Layer 3 Ethernet Switch that enlarge and connect all application for modern train Ethernet communication system. Also, the HW IP routing table supports 512 to accelerate the routing process. Moreover, the 120 watts PoE power budget and up to 16 PSE interface enables system to power remote IP camera, low power devices of LTE/ Wi-Fi device through Ethernet Cable.
Comprehensive train/ bus certificates and advanced hardware design

JetNet 7520P- HVDC/ JetNet7516P- HVDC has earned multiple train related certificates, such as EN50155: 2017, IEC 62236-4 and rail side certificates such as, EN50121-4, EN50121-3-2. For safety requirements, the switches meet EN 62368-1 safety standard for secure audio/video or network communication technology. Moreover, the new M12 models have complied with e-mark regulation and are provided by request.
For hardware design, the devices are equipped with 2 optional GbE ports with HW bypass relay function and the IP 41/54 protection grade offer anti-dust, water-proof, antivibration/shock for the railcars, MRT trains. In addition, the PSE interface enables system to power remotely IP cameras, low power devices or LTE/Wi-Fi device through Ethernet cable.

M12 push-pull connector for time saving installation

When deploying network devices in the filed site, local engineers often spend a lot of time on wiring and installing devices. The push-pull interlocking can make installation of data and signal lines easier, especially regarding railway application such as communication network in rail vehicles. The design can save local engineers time, and meanwhile, ensure secure cabling of devices and systems.

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