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2020-09-22 Enabling Network Connectivity for Factory Devices

Case Introduction:
Customer has 7 traditional factories across Turkey and Eastern Europe manufacturing fluid-carrying components and parts in the refrigeration/HVAC systems for domestic appliances and automotive industries. The manufacturing machines in production lines are old fashioned without any networking function for remote monitoring & control. Factory floor workers need to patrol and monitor all machines manually and perform inefficient equipment maintenance without centralized data analysis of machine status.
- Extremely harsh environment: Massive metal dust, 60+°C
- Unstable power input
- Compact space for additional switch installation
Korenix Solution:
JetNet 2005 overcomes all challenges above with -25~70°C wide temperature tolerance, 18~32VDC power input, and palm sized slim design to fit customer’s requirement perfectly. It connects the PLC, HMI, vibration & temperature meters altogether not only for HMI to operate locally, but also sending all data back to control room for production report and equipment status analysis, results in a much more efficient maintenance process and intelligent factory automation. With Korenix’s cost-effective JetNet 2005, customer can achieve smart and efficient factory automation.