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2020-07-07 Achieve Simple Network Deployment with 90W 802.3bt PoE Switch JetNet 5200 Series

Korenix Technology, a Beijer Group Company that provides Industrial Wired and Wireless Networking communication solutions, is glad to introduce its new industrial IEEE 802.3bt PoE++ switch - JetNet 5200 series. The series comes with flexible port numbers, various interface combinations and PoE and non-PoE function. In addition, the PoE function supplies power from 30W to 90W for different application. As operation and technology of powered devices (PDs) are advancing nowadays, more and more power source equipment (PSE) requires meeting IEEE802.3 bt standard and can provide up to 90W to a single device. Such as PTZ camera, PoS system, digital interactive kiosk or digital board. With implementing the PoE++ function, JetNet 5200 series are a reliable solution for power hungry application.

Smaller size with even more power
JetNet 5208G series are designed in compact size with only 50mm wide. The slim size design allows the devices to fit in narrow space and cabinets. Although designed in compact size, the power output of the series is incredibly strong. The JetNet 5200GP-U series meets the IEEE 802.3bt standard and can provide up to 90W per port for PDs. The PoE function also presents in PoE flexibility, power saving and smart management. The device can not only set up different power output to suit various PDs, but also set up the priorities. With the function, if there is a shortage issue for power resource, the device will provide power to critical PDs to keep working continuously. Secondly, the scheduling function allows project owner to set up working schedule for each PD, the device will automatically turn on and off the power to save power. Furthermore, the JetNet 5200 series will shut down the power feeding if PDs break down. Smart management will help user to save more energy.

Advanced Cyber Security and ERPS Third Party Compatible
Cybersecurity solutions must to be included to enhance reliability, availability, and security. The JetNet 5200 series also supports advanced cyber security to protect critical data. Such as, TACACS+, MAC security, IEEE 802.1x Port Based access control, IEEE 802.1x RADIUS Server authentication and etc. In addition, with the ITU-T G.8032 ERPS redundancy policy, the JetNet 5200 series is compatible with third party So that it can immediately be adopted in existing application. Through the advanced cyber security and ERPS, the series can ensure reliable and robust performance network applications.

Multiple model selection and High Port Combination Flexibility
The series comes with different port combination and models. Such as slim size or multi-function, IEEE af/ at/ bt or non-PoE, variable port combinations with SFP, RJ45, or combo ports (SFP/ RJ45). With the multi-port combination, the JetNet 5200 series have high flexibility to fit in different application and filed site. Moreover, the industrial PoE switch meets multiple industrial grade such as IEC 61000-6-2 / 61000-6-4 Heavy Industrial EMC, trackside and power substation compliance. It can operate in harsh environment. With the PoE++ function, advanced cyber security, ERPS protocol and flexible port combination, the JetNet 5200 series is your trustful partner for your transportation or industrial project.

JetNet5200 series includes:
1. JetNet 5208G series
2. JetNet 5210G series
3. JetNet 5212G-2C2F series
4. JetNet 5216G-4F series
JetNet 5200 series comes with different functions, for any product function or inquiry, please contact Korenix sales at 

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