New PoE Standard Boosts Surveillance Applications in Airports

           New PoE Standard Boosts Surveillance  Applications in Airports

                  Surveillance applications is getting more and more crucial nowadays. A great variety of applications on
                  surveillance come up withnew technology. Network solution are the important factors among the video
                  surveillance. IEEE802.3bt PoE is significant of the new technology. With up to 90W power offering, it
                  provides lots of possibility in the future.

              Project challenges/goals

                  The system integrator (SI) responsible for an airport surveillance system is faced with demands
                  from the end customer to overcome some challenges as below:
                 • Low-light limitation
                 • High cost to extend power source to cameras
                 • Long distance connects to control center
                 • Wide temperatures

                 Besides indoor surveillance, outdoor surveillance of an airport is a major challenge due to low-light
                 limitations, which can negatively impact the recognition of airplanes and people. Secondly, extending
                 power to IP cameras can be costly, both in terms of installation and maintenance. The customer is
                 looking for a better solution. Lastly, due to multiple gates at an airport, it can be difficult to properly
                 monitor all areas. The large distances in an airport can present difficulties in transmitting IP camera
                 data to the control center. To address these challenges, SI is looking for partners that offer network
                 solutions and IP cameras. PoE technology offers a solution to meet the customer's requirements.
                 With the standardization of PoE, the network and IP cameras can be designed to ensure compatibility.

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