Factory Automation

The global factory automation market size is expected to reach $368,372.4 million in 2025, from $190,882.2 million in 2017 growing at a CAGR of 8.8% from 2018 to 2025. Factory automation using the automatic technology control devices to increase efficiency of product and the quality with lower cost.

Factory automation network Architecture usually divided three levels, which is device layer, control layer and information layer. Korenix has won the project by offering a complete solution that ensures effective operation of tire factory’s assets. The three layers need different switch to connect the end of the device layer to the management layer.

Project challenges/goals:

The biggest challenge for the system integrator is finding devices with switch that will be able to resist the environmental conditions, such as high moisture, high resistance EMI/EMS, wide voltage and temperature ranges. In addition, in the factory field, most of communication devices is installed in the one cabinet and with DIN-Rail. Hence the compact size and with DIN-Rail clip is also required for the project

Why Beijer Electronics/Korenix?

•  DIN Rail Clip and anti-vibration design suit for harsh environment.
•  Fully portfolio covers unmanaged, Layer2, Layer 3Fast, Fast/ Giga, Full Giga Ethernet models.
•  Harsh environment design for wide operating temp.
•  Combo ports design for SFP modules flexible.
•  Flexible model options for various system assembly, totally 17 models for system architect selection.
•  Comprehensive Redundant Solutions-ERPS V2 or MSR and the recovery time  is less than 50ms.

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