Streamlining EV Charging Station with IIoT Solution

Streamling EV Charging Station with IIoT Solution

The global Electric Vehicle (EV) market is in rapid growth over the past decade. The governmental and local EV purchasing policies and incentives are created to tackle climate change by cutting down the CO2 emissions.
In 2020 3.1 million EVs weresold globally; amounting to 4.7% of all the purchased passenger cars. According to the market analytics estimate, the EV sale will continue to rise and is expected to represent nearly half (48%) of all passenger cars sold globally by 2030.

The expensive EV technology requires high maintenance, and when buying an EV, there are many considerations depending on the buyer’s driving habits and needs. EV driving range is an essential factor that has different standards. Consumers and vehicle manufacturers rely on the standards to buy and sell EVs; sometimes, the driving range issue will hamper product deployment.

Currently, government policies and subsidies are among the significant causes driving the growth of the electric vehicle charging infrastructure market. The private sector, automobile manufacturers, utilities, and power companies follow the market trend to increase the EV charger infrastructure density and impact the EV market's expansion speed. The energy sector is in great need of EV charging solutions that are flexible, reliable, and easy to use.

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