Machine Builder- The answer to IIoT solution

Machine Builder- The answer to IIoT Solution

Korenix Power Plant Automation, Changde city/Hunan

Machine builders need a solution to form a network of machines, data for analytics, and people. Thanks to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) application in the manufacturing industry, the connection between machinery and Manufacture Execution System is not just a proof of concept but can be implemented more easily. 

IIoT network uses communication technologies to connect industrial devices and machines to generates data for machine builders and their customers to monitor, collect, exchange, and analyze. IIoT solutions provide a large amount of data that is quick and easy to access. IIoT solutions allow decision-makers to have new insights and make choices based on optimal operating conditions.
To collect data from different devices and sensors, it is necessary to match up with the collection equipment and procedures of the machine network. Beijer Electronic and Korenixs’ IIoT solutions horizontally connect data collection and automatic control between various devices at the Operation Technology (OT) layer and vertically integrate all Information Technology (IT) via Edge Computing. The platform architecture can individually target a particular piece to meet specific requirements; it can also be fully expanded into an industrial automation system and merged and integrated with the data level of edge computing and cloud services.

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