Smart Parking

Smart Parking

Smart Parking, Changde city/Hunan

Smart parking is a popular topic in each city. Sensors installed in the parking lot to detect the real-time parking status, and the data will be updated to electronic signage. With the instant display of remaining parking spaces, it significantly eased congestion issue and air pollution by guiding drivers directly to find the vacant parking space.

Korenix Solution
The data a needed to be transferred from sensors is tiny. Therefore, JetWave 2111 – Low Data Rate Cellular Router, was chosen as the solution for data transmission. JetWave 2111 come with serial, Ethernet and LTE Cat.1 interfaces. It connected to the field sensors by serial port and transmit the data through LTE network. The LTE Cat.1 is with low bandwidth behavior – 10Mbps for download and 5Mbps for upload. The JetWave product cannot only transmit these small amounts of data stably, but also effectively save cellular communication costs.

Korenix JetWave 2111 Industrial Cellular Router/Gateway

Why Korenix JetWave 2111
  • One MicroSD card slot support
  • 1 DI + 1 DO
  • 1 ports RS232/422/485 3 in 1 (RJ45 type)
  • 1 Fast Ethernet Port
  • VPN/Firewall/DMZ and Secure VPN Connectivity
  • LAN to 4G/LTE Routing
  • Remote management by Web GUI, SNMP, Auto IP Report, LAN View, Mobile Manager, NMS
  • 24V(9~30V) DC power input
  • Wide Temperature, Heavy Industrial Grade design
  • Support GPS (Optional)

JetWave 2111 Industrial Cellular Router/Gateway