Sport Complex Surveillance

Sport Complex Surveillance

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Reliable High Power PoE Against Hot Weather for Basra Sport Complex Surveillance in IRAQ
High quality and live video with no time delay is the main objective of video surveillance projects; especially when it is of utmost importance for locations which are frequently used and those that can entertain up to 100,000 people in the one location. Basra sports complex in the south of IRAQ is one such of these locations. Two football stadiums, Training fields, Hotels and Apartments make this location absolutely critical in terms of security.

High definition IP cameras have been installed in most of locations in the sport complex, such as the main gates, entrances, parking zones, auditoriums, corridors and storage areas. However, building reliability in network infrastructure throughout the complex which is more than 800,000 Sqm, within the shortest possible time, fast recovery on redundancy during disasters and centralizing or managing a system of networking and video surveillance was a huge challenge for the project managers.

This project requires a perfect industrial networking in terms of equipment and topology as there are huge distancesbetween buildings and the central management system, power electricity operates the cameras and location temperature with the temperature being around 60°C in the summer time. Korenix Ring topology and PoE switches offers the ideal solution in comparison to that of its other competitors

Korenix Sport Complex Surveillance

Korenix JetNet 6059G was selected to deploy the high speed RING topology and network redundancy. JetNet 6059G is an Industrial Gigabit Managed Ethernet Switch with 9 full gigabit ports and 32G switching backplane to ensure high quality data transmission in the video surveillance project which requires high-bandwidth connectivity.

Korenix  JetNet 5310G was also selected to establish the cameras data connectivity and transmit high Power over Ethernet (PoE) simultaneously. JetNet 5310G was designed exclusively for highly critical PoE applications such as real time IP video surveillance with a high resolution quality and it has the ability of being able to operate in extremely hot and humid temperature (over 60°C). this is another reason for the selection of JetNet 5310G as high power PoE switch.

JetCon 3401G is another great solution by Korenix for use in outdoor IP cameras. The main challenge for this type of cameras is the distance between them and IDFs. By using fiber optic along with JetNet 3401G media converter gives flexibility for installing the cameras in yards with an operation temperature of around 60°C.

Why Korenix JeNet 6059G
  • Flexible Combo ports for Enhanced Performance
  • Comprehensive Redundant Solutions – Multiple Super Ring (MSRTM)
  • 100/1000Mbps DDM SFP transceiver for High Quality Monitoring
  • Isolated Communication Interface with device protection
  • Rugged Design for Harsh Environments
  • Hi-pot isolation and -25~70°C operating temperature for harsh environments

Why Korenix JeNet 5310G
  • 8 PoE ports support both 15.4W IEEE 802.3af and the latest 30W high power IEEE802.3at by LLDP PoE classification
  • Driving the IP Surveillance / Wireless PoE
  • Power budget limitation with priority control
  • Redundant DC Power Inputs and Alarm Relay Output
  • -40~70°C wide operating temperature (802.3af)

Why Korenix JetCon 3401G V2
  • Real Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter
  • Flexible Optical Adopt Ability
  • Auto Fault Detection through Link Loss Forwarding
  • Excellent Traffic Handlingt
  • Operating temperature -40~70°C

Korenix JetNet 6059G Industrial 9G Gigabit Managed Ethernet Switch

JetNet 6059G Industrial 9G Gigabit Managed Ethernet Switch
JetNet 5310G Industrial 8 PoE + 2G Combo Managed High Power IEEE802.3at PoE Switch
JetNet 5310G Industrial Managed PoE Switch

Korenix JetCon 3401G V2 Gigabit Media Converter

JetCon 3401G V2 Gigabit Media Converter