China Underground Coal Mine Monitoring

China Underground Coal Mine Monitoring

Korenix PChina Underground Coal Mine Monitoring, Changde city/Hunan

Over the past several years, mine safety has become a serious issue in China due to the number of mining accidents and explosions that take place on regular bases. To reduce mine disasters, improve mine safety and promote stable coal, gold, platinum or other valuable mineral production, mine distributing companies are introducing advanced monitoring and communications systems for enhancing safe operation underground mines.

To provide highly reliable data communication for its mines, a Chinese Mining Company has come up with the decision to use Korenix JetNet series managed switches in its project. The JetNet 5210G switches with multi-mode fiber ports have been installed in the underground areas of the open pit mine, where they provided connectivity to the humidity sensors, temperature measuring devices and other equipment using 6 10/100TX copper ports, and connected the switches together via the 2 100Mbps fiber ports. The switches have been chosen with multi-mode fiber ports to allow extending data up to 2KM: hence, coal miners could easily connect the devices installed far from each other, as well as ensure the extended uplink connection from the underground to the control center.
Korenix JetNet 5210G Industrial 8FE + 2G Combo Managed Switch

The reliability of the data underground has been achieved using the MSR ring redundancy technology of the switches – the JetNet 5210G series with the support of MSR were capable of forming rings together. If any link failed, the network could be recovered instantly, within 5ms, without causing any data loss.
Another important factor for the Coal Mining Company to choose JetNet 5210G for the underground installation, has been its robust design: the switches with Level 3 EMC conformance for heavy industry deployments as well as the EN 50121-4 Railway EMC, IEC 61373 vibration/shock approvals are constructed in rugged IP31 enclosures, and have a wide operating temperature range -40~75°C. This means that they could reliably be used under tough conditions without any instability.

The JetNet 6528Gf series fanless rackmount switches were further used in the control room on the ground to ensure reliable backbone connection with the JetNet 5210G switches for collecting the data from underground area. By using the modular design, users could benefit from various copper or fiber connections and get data from a great number of devices installed in a control room. Using SFP combo ports for 100Mbps fiber connection, they collected all the real-time data to send it to the PC through high-speed gigabit combo ports for analyzing the situation under mines.

Besides, as it supports LLDP and Korenix NMS, users could directly get the topology of the network and monitor the devices, change the IPs etc, the group management etc from the control room. Using Korenix switches the company allowed system integrators to prepare highly reliable data transmission from the underground mine to the control center without any data loss and collision and thus providing safe mine operation.

Why Korenix JetNet 6528Gf
  • Flexible ports combination , 16 Giga RJ-45+ 8 Giga RJ-45/SFP combo + 4 Giga SFP
  • ERPS V2 for reliable and high-performance redundance
  • LLDP and Korenix NMS for auto topology visualization and efficient network management 
  • Ruggedized design, including ESD and surge protection, anti-vibration/shock and -40 to 85oC wide op. temp. for severe environment applications

Why Korenix JetNet 5210G
  • Cisco-Like CLI, Web, SNMP/RMON for network management
  • Multiple event relay output for enhanced device alarm control
  • Hi-Pot Isolation Protection for ports and power
  • Railway Track Side EN50121-4 Certification
  • -40~75°C High Operating Temperature 
  • 10~36VDC Redundant wide range power input

Korenix JetNet 6528Gf Industrial 28G Full Gigabit Managed Ethernet Switch

JetNet 6528Gf Industrial 28G Full Gigabit Managed Ethernet Switch
JetNet 5210G Industrial 8FE + 2G Combo Managed Switch

JetNet 5210G Industrial 8FE + 2G Combo Managed Switch