China Qinghai-Tibet Railway monitoring

Wireless automated Warehouse, Changde city/Hunan

Korenix China Qinghai-Tibet Railway monitoring, Changde city/Hunan

Korenix Switches Prevent Broadcast Storms and Enhance Network Interconnectivity in World's Longest Plateau Railway - Qinghai-Tibet Railway!
The Qinghai-Tibet Railway, the highest plateau railway, is one of the most challenging railway line constructions in the world. Lying on frozen ground 3,000 meters above the sea level, the railway is subjected to extremely bad climacteric conditions: strong winds, heavy sandstorms, frequent thunderstorms, with more than a 30℃ temperature variation during the course of the day. 

To monitor the system's live status, manage disasters instantly, and ensure a reliable operation becomes the most critical issue for the authority. The authority has designed and built a comprehensive environmental monitoring and control system on the power SCADA system, wireless base stations, and equipment rooms along the track line.

Korenix's industrial Ethernet switches were successfully chosen as the main network system in the 763km-long Seager line, the main stem of the Qinghai-Tibet railway. Korenix switches are able to operate stably in extreme environments with fast and wide temperature variations. Its IP31 aluminum housing acts as a large heat sink offers great cooling effect, and protects the device from heavy sandstorms as well. The EN50121-4 protection levels protect the switches from the frequent thunderstorms.

Korenix China Qinghai-Tibet Railway monitoring

The Highly Reliable and Scalable Network Architecture
More than 120 pieces of JetNet 5428G and JetNet 4510 were installed in the 22 railway stations and the 96 field sites from Xining to Golmud. Two levels of redundant rings are designed for better scalability, at the field-level and the station-level. Each field-level ring consists of several JetNet 4510 DIN rail switches that run Korenix MSR (Multiple Super Ring) for fast recovery, and is connected to a JetNet 5428G at the station level. The JetNet 5428Gs at stations then in turn form the station-level ring with the 3rd party core switches in the central room by MSTP.

Korenix China Qinghai-Tibet Railway monitoring

Outstanding Interoperability Releases the Burden of System Integration and Maintenance
To connect a hundred of Korenix switches to the 3rd party core switches in the control room, network interoperability becomes a critical issue. By passing more than 350 items of a conformance and interoperability test with a 97% pass ratio, Korenix proved an outstanding conformance of RSTP and MSTP protocols. JetNet 4510 and JetNet 5428G successfully provided a stable and reliable solution for this large project.

Unique Solution Saves the Network from the Disaster of Broadcast Storm
Korenix has further solved the customer's long-term headache by its unique broadcast storm prevention/protection technology. The customer suffered occasional broadcast storms in their legacy redundant ring networks of one to two times per month. The broadcast storms overwhelmed all the Ethernet equipments and crashed the whole systems. Korenix switch which can detect and break a malfunction loop topology, solve the root cause of broadcast storm and help the customer to get rid of his nightmare.

Visualized Network Management Tool for Large Network System
The customer requires a visualized management system for monitoring and control over large networks in order to react to the network failure in a timely manner. Korenix’s Korenix NMS which reports failures and the failure locations helps the customer reduce troubleshooting efforts to a minimum. JetNet 4510's rugged design provides reliable connections to the PLCs, sensors and controllers at the field site.

Why Korenix JetNet 5428G
  • L2+ Security (L2/ L3/ L4 ACL) precise flow filtering/control
  • Multiple Super Ring, failover < 5ms, restoration = 0ms
  • RSTP/MSTP high compatibility for 3rd party switch interconnection
  • Private VLAN easily configure community and isolated VLAN

Why Korenix JetNet 4510
  • Loop protection prevents broadcast storm
  • Multiple Super Ring, failover < 5ms, restoration = 0ms
  • IP31 Aluminum housing
  • Wide operating temperature -40 to 70℃
  • EN50121-4 EMC rated for trackside applications

Why Korenix NMS
  • Automated network discovery and topology visualization
  • Device and MSR group management
  • Performance management
  • Accounting management
  • User definable Event handling
  • Open standard, manage up to 1024 network nodes
Korenix JetNet 5428G Industrial 24+4G Gigabit Managed Ethernet Switch

JetNet 5428G Industrial 24+4G Gigabit Managed Ethernet Switch

Korenix JetNet 4510 Industrial 10-port Managed Fast Ethernet Switch

JetNet 4510 Industrial 10-port Managed Fast Ethernet Switch

Korenix NMS Industrial Intelligent Network Management System

NMS Industrial Intelligent Network Management System