Tunnel Traffic Monitoring and Control

Tunnel Traffic Monitoring and Control

Korenix Tunnel Traffic Monitoring and Control

Intelligent transportation systems are an integral element in the operation of roadway tunnels, which allow implementation of emergency strategies in an efficient and expeditious manner. Some severe accidents in recent years have certainly contributed to this trend. However, remote monitoring through high-end cameras, real-time information and large megapixel data transmission, require deployment of high bandwidth networking solutions.

Moreover, they should have solid design to withstand the unfavorable conditions in tunnels, such as vibration, power and temperature variations, etc. The JetNet 5310G high power gigabit managed PoE switches have been used inside the tunnel, delivering up to 30W power per each of the 8 Fast Ethernet PoE injector ports and total of 200W to power the high-end IP cameras. It simultaneously provided data uplink via dual gigabit ports. Besides, designed with MSR network redundancy technology and the exclusive MultiRing, the switches were capable of forming gigabit and multiple fast Ethernet rings where any link failure could be recovered in just 5 ms. 

Administrators at the command center were able to easily discover all the JetNet 5310G devices, automatically draw topology and manage the network through the integrated LLDP and the patented Korenix NMS network management system.

To overcome the long distance between the traffic center and the pole, JetCon 3401G gigabit fiber media converters have been used. Designed with a gigabit port, these devices helped users to collect all the high bandwidth data from the switches and convert it to fiber for extending data from the tunnel to the control center. Besides, the devices were also used inside tunnels to extend the data transmission between the gigabit switches, in places, where longer distance had to be spanned.

To alert remote or central management systems, the JetCon 3401G also featured Link Loss Forwarding to forward link status changes and therefore, allowed users to fast react to the situation, reduce loss caused by link failure and thus easily maintain the network.

Korenix Tunnel Traffic Monitoring and Control

In addition, with the EMS immunity, IP 31 grade enclosure, great heat dissipation design the converters were able to withstand the severe conditions and surge environments, as a result ensuring non-stop, high quality and high-bandwidth video and data delivery to the remote control room for real-time traffic control.

Why Korenix JetNet 5310G
  • 8 PoE injector ports deliver up to 200W power (30W per port) by IEEE802.3at PoE for driving high-end IP cameras
  • Dual Gigabit for larger uplink bandwidth of surveillance
  • MSR and MultiRing with 5ms recovery time ensures nonstop data transmission through gigabit and 4 fast Ethernet rings 
  • LLDP and Korenix NMS provide auto-topology visualization and efficient network management
  • -40~70°C wide operating temperature for severe applications

Why Korenix JetCon 3401G V2
  • Gigabit for high-bandwidth video transmission
  • Optic fiber for extending the video transmission 
  • Excellent EMS immunity and wide operating temperature for deployment in severe industrial environments 
Korenix JetNet 5310G Industrial 8 PoE + 2G Combo Managed High Power IEEE802.3at PoE Switch

JetNet 5310G Industrial 8 PoE + 2G Combo Managed High Power IEEE802.3at PoE Switch

Korenix JetCon 3401G V2 Gigabit Media Converter

JetCon 3401G V2 Gigabit Media Converter