Founded in 2006, we have developed various types of product lines. By taking ourselves as a pioneer among the industry, we never stop innovating.

To provide our customers with the most reliable solutions, our products strictly follow the industry standards and certificates:
  • I.T.S./Roadside: Ind. EMC, NEMA-TS1/2
  • On Vehicle: Ind. EMC, E-Mark
  • Surveillance/Track Board: EN50155, EN50121-2-3/-4
  • Fire Protection on Railway: EN45545-2
  • Petrochemical: Ind. EMC, C1D2/ATEX
  • Power Feeding: IEC61850-3, IEEE1613
*Korenix has a complete quality assurance system from product design stage to manufacture stage to ensure high quality and reliability. All Korenix products are provided with up to 5 years warranty period.