Product Details

JetNet 3008f Industrial 8-port Fast Ethernet Fiber Switch

  • Model:JetNet 3008f
  • Specification:Industrial 8-port Fast Ethernet Fiber Switch


Product Introduction

  • 6 10/100 Base TX Ports plus 2 Fast Ethernet Fiber ports
  • Supports Multi-mode 2KM, Single-mode 30KM
  • Compact size with full power redundancy
  • 2.0Gbps Switch Fabric with excellent data exchange performance
  • QoS for packet forwarding precedence
  • Broadcast storm packet filtering
  • Port and power event alarm
  • Dual DC10~60V power inputs
  • Support 1.5KV Hi-Pot isolation protection
  • Aluminum case with IP31 grade protection
  • Operating temperature -10~70oC (JetNet 3008f V3) 
  • and -40~75°C (JetNet 3008f-w V3)
  • Class1 Division2 certificate for hazardous locations