Water Treatment System

Korenix Compact Embedded Linux Computer Offers Reliable and Efficient on-going Monitoring in The Water Treatment System
Taipei, Taiwan, Jan 22nd, 2014
Water is a renewable resource, and People rely on clean water to supply their quality of life. Thus, the demand for improving reused water quality is increased. So many water treatment companies are seeking reliable operations of waterworks systems that they have been the TOP priority. The expertise of the water plant has been serving its water treatment system to local communities and industries in its country for decades. They are confronted with monitoring the operation of the Waterworks systems in real-time since they work non-stop, requiring construction of advanced, highly-reliable, redundant and automated network infrastructure systems. The challenges here are numerous: communication of widely-distributed equipment across the plants that occupy large areas, prevention from network electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference, and resistance to harsh environment conditions, etc.
System Requirement:
·  Reliable and efficient solution for on-going monitoring
·  Support Modbus protocol for Modbus devices monitor
·  Rugged design, wide operating temperature
·  Cost-effective for integration
·  Collecting data from numerous locations throughout the plant
·  Ethernet's ability to allow seamless upgrading for future and expansion
Korenix Solution
Korenix JetBox 3300-w/3350i-w is an ideal compact embedded Linux computer to be applied in this case. It is suitable for front-end side monitoring especially for the environment which has limited space. Korenix JetBox 3300-w/3350i-w supports 2 Ethernet and 2 RS232/422/485 serial ports which can easier to connect with other switches for collecting data and transferring data to local center.
JetBox 3300 series also provides flexible software and tools, for example, Modbus gateway and ser2net to control Modbus and serial devices such as pumps. Besides, JB3300 series also support MySQL sample code to save the data generated from devices to database, and technician can monitor the working status of devices on-site. The network designer was able to integrate them in HMI systems deployed at different plants of the facility to further enhance monitoring, maintenance and network control of equipment, without the need of using additional monitoring tools.

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