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China Highway Surveillance & Monitoring 

China Highway Surveillance and MonitoringOverview
China develops at an ever increasing pace with enormous number of road construction projects in place. And as the security becomes a high priority for the government, transportation authorities are looking for enhanced solutions to perform monitoring and surveillance as part of an efficient traffic safety work.
In this regard, to remotely monitor the highway traffic and ensure security, a transport operator in North China plans to integrate network solutions which would collect and transfer real-time video and traffic related data from the highways to the control center. All this data should then be sent to the Central Traffic Monitoring center for decision and command support. Main challenge for the highway constructor is the long distance that should be covered, the transmission of large megapixel video as well as harsh conditions on the road: extremely low temperatures in winters and hot summers, dangers of lighting and storm, as well as dust, shock, vibration, etc…
To extend video and other traffic control data alongside the highway, the Transport Operator in North China chose to install Korenix JetNet series Rackmount and Din-rail switches.
The project consists of using JetNet 5010G switches in road cabins. Each switch will use its fast Ethernet copper ports or one of the 3 gigabit combo ports (for places where the distance between the cabin and other equipment is long) to collect video images from several cameras and traffic controlling equipment used alongside the highway.  By using gigabit SFP transceivers with DDM technology, the 2 other uplink giga combo ports will allow forming Multiple Super rings over Fiber with rest of JetNet 5010G managed switches on the road cabins, and extending data up to the control centers where JetNet 6059G switches are installed. As a result, with the MSR the switches will be capable to extend the high speed data reliably without data loss, whereas the SFP with DDM technology will allow monitoring the quality of fiber connection.
The traffic operator will benefit from the IEC 61000-6-2 heavy industrial EMC certified design of the JetNet 5010G and the NEMA-TS2 traffic compliant features of JetNet 6059G, including its isolated console port for up to 2KV/4KV excellent ESD, surge and insulation protection as well as their -25~70oC wide operating temperature range to resist shock, vibration, surge in the highways and perform stable operation.

To further collect the high bandwidth data from different control centers in one Central Traffic Monitoring Room and manage the routing between these extended groups, Korenix stackable Layer 3 managed switch, the JetNet 6524G will be installed.
Administrators at the Control Centers and at the Central Traffic Monitoring room will benefit from the switches’ superior management functionalities, such as the LLDP and Korenix NMS to automatically visualize topology of all of the devices, efficiently maintain the MSR groups, perform centralized management to reduce network traffic, etc.
With their outstanding management and security functions Korenix managed switches will help transfer high quality and secure traffic while building highly reliable network infrastructures with the real-time data streaming.

Main Products
JetNet 6524G Industrial 24-Port Gigabit Stackable Layer 3 Managed Ethernet Switch
JetNet 6059G Industrial 9G Gigabit Managed Ethernet Switch
JetNet 5010G Industrial 7+3G Gigabit Managed Switch

Why JetNet 6524G
Layer 3 for managed routing between extended network groups
Wire-speed internal L3 unicast/multicast switching allow data transmission between different subnets without data loss or blocking
4 Gigabit combo ports with MSR for redundant ring construction with JetNet 6059G
MSTP for network redundancy with control room’s 3rd party devices
LLDP and Korenix NMS for auto topology visualization and large group management networks
Why JetNet 6059G
5 Giga SFP combo ports for flexible bandwidth & distance uplink connection
SFP with DDM for long distance fiber quality monitoring 
MSR and MultiRing with up to 4 fiber/ copper giga and 100Mbps rings for uninterrupted data transmission 
NEMA TS2 compliant design for traffic control systems:  up to 2KV / 4KV surge immunity level on power ports and -25~70oC wide operating temperature
Why JetNet 5010G
3Gigabit RJ45/SFP combo ports extend the fiber ring network and provide uplink Gigabit connection to the core giga switch
SFP with DDM for long distance fiber quality monitoring 
MSR network redundancy with 5ms recovery time for reliable data transmission 
IEC 61000-6-2 / 6-4 heavy industrial EMC certified design with -25 to 70oC wide op. temp

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