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JetCon Series Industrial Media Converter

JetCon Series offers a complete solution of industrial-grade media converters for extending data transmission over various media connections. Korenix rich family of Ethernet, Fiber, Serial, VDSL and IO media converters is designed to fulfill the specific requirements of your Industrial applications with the highest data reliability, guaranteed high-speed & flexible network connectivity and best price / performance ratio.

Please choose your media converter from the below tables.

PoE Injector / Optical Bypass Switch

Korenix PoE Injector
Korneix Optical Bypass Switch
PoE Injector
Optical Bypass Switch

Ethernet Media Converter

JetCon 2301 Industrial Fast Ethernet to Fiber Media Converter
JetCon 2302 Industrial 2-Channel Fast Ethernet to Fiber Media Converter
Ethernet to VDSL Media Converter
Gigabit Ethernet to Fiber Media Converter  
Ethernet to Fiber Media Converter    


Serial Media Converter

RS232/422/485 to Fiber Media Converter
RS232 to RS422/485
Media Converter



RS422/485 to USB Converter      
RS232 to USB Converter